Eglise Baptiste Haitienne du Bon Berger was founded on May 20, 1990. The church started with 15 people at pastor David's private residence at 82 Bloomfield St in Dorchester, MA. Seven months later 17 people were added. In 1991, the church needed a bigger place and relocated at 1 dix street in Dorchester. There, the church grew to 194 active members. The church remained there for a period of 16 years and 6 months. We shared the church with another church called Bethel. Eventually, Bethel decided not share the same location with us and asked us to find another place to worship. The members started to collect funds for the purchase of our own church. The dream of owning our own church come true on March 2006 when we purchased a house at 487-489 Ashmont st in Dorchester.

Without wasting time, we began worshiping at our new church in April 2006. All of the sudden, our neighbors began complaining in August 2006. The mayor questioned us and made us pay a fee. Eventually, we had to leave the church and relocated to pastor David's private residence at 6 samoset st, in Dorchester. We spent 3 years and 4 months there. After many hummiliations, suffering and meetings with local authorities, the Lord finally reopened the doors at 487-489 Ashmont Street and we returned on December 2009. We have been worshipping there ever since. For this we give glory to God every day for his kindness toward us and his Church. We cry every day to the Lord for he owns the earth and all that is in it. If the Lord did not help us, our church would have been silenced for good. To him alone, glory, praise, strength, honor, power, majesty until the end of time. Amen!