David Milien


Pastor David, born in Haiti to a Seventh-day Adventist Christian family. At age 16, he join the Baptist Christian denomination . He got married at age 20 with his fiancee Anezaine Fleurinor. God bless his family with three children. His ministry began in 1976 when he taught Sunday school at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Port-de -Paix , Haiti. After he immigrated to the United States in 1979 , he continued his ministry at the Haitian Church of the Bible in Dorchester , MA. In 1982, after entering the seminary and studied the Bible, he graduated and was ordained. At Baptist Church of the Bible, he worked as an assistant pastor, superintendent of Sunday school , preacher and administrator of the Church. Pastor David became coordinator and head of Christian education for the church, leader of worship services and many other church activities . He also worked on the expansion of several programs for the advancement of the organization and for the advancement of the youth in the congregation. Pastor David has over 30 years in ministry, preaching, teaching the Gospel of Christ. God has helped him become a better pastor, and a leader for the Haitian community.

The Good Lord called him to preach the gospel, to reveal injustices and to bring to repentance those who oppose the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In May 1990, he was called to his start his own ministry and founded the "l'Eglise Baptiste Haitienne du Bon Berger" and has since been the main pastor of the church. L'Eglise Baptiste Haitienne du Bon Berger is a church that preaches the Life of Christ , the Death and Resurrection of Christ and a church that believes in one God, the Father, The Son and The Holy Esprit.

His favorite passage is :
Psalm 116 :1 -2 - I love the Lord, because he has heard my voice and my pleas for mercy. Because he inclined his ear to me, therefore I will call on him as long as I live.


Joseph Pierre-Louis St-Fleur


Graduated in April 1987, Pasteur St. Fleur has served in several churches as Pastor, and he has assisted many Pastors, including Pastor Cenofar Point-du-Jour. In 1992, he joined Rev. Ramil St. Clair at l'Eglise Baptiste de la Fraternite Central, Delmas A1. At the same time, he worked and was responsible for the founding of l'Eglise Baptiste de Moreau. He also served as Pastor of Eglise Baptise de la Fraternite de Segur with Pastor Fito Victorieux. After several trips to the United States visiting and preaching, he finally decided to join Pastor David Milien as a Pastor at Eglise Baptiste Haitienne du Bon Berger. Pastor St. Fleur is a very active and works vigorously to advance the Church. He is ready to assist and guide everyone in the ways of the Lord.

His favorite passage is :
Jean 15 :7.- If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.


Deacon Jean Monna Cassamajor 1st Deacon
Deacon Patrice Augustin 2nd Deacon
Deacon Jean Venant Abel 3rd Deacon
Sister Exavier Francesse 1st Deaconess
Sister Geralda Dubresil 2nd Deaconess
Music Department
Brother David Milien, Jr. Music Director
Brother David St-Fleur Choir Head
Youth Department
Sister Diana Laurent et Deacon Patrice Augustin Directors
Fundraising Department
Brother David Milien, Jr et Sister Tina Pimentel Directors
Church Archives
Sister Diana Laurent Secretary
Deacon Patrice Augustin Treasurer
Sister Ginette D. Augustin Founding Member

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